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Grandiose Supermarket Elevates the Grocery Experience with the Launch of a New Location in Abu Dhabi’s Al Qana

By AQ Press Office
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Grandiose’s 6th largest location in the UAE spans over 13,690 sq. ft. and features a water-facing food hall

UAE, Abu Dhabi; 31 March 2022: Grandiose Supermarket today launched its 6th largest store in Abu Dhabi. The store spans 13,690 sq. ft. and is located at the recently opened Al Qana promenade, in Rabdan area.

Catering to the thriving neighbourhood and beyond, Grandiose has elevated the shopping experience by integrating a food hall into their latest space. The Grandiose food hall features a variety of live cooking stations that will serve a range of cuisines to customers seated in an open space area that overlooks the Al Qana waterfront.

The latest launch marks the opening of the 18th Grandiose location in the UAE. The retail chain aims to expand further, bringing the community true family values and convenience. A boon to have in any neighbourhood, Grandiose has maintained a wholesome reputation for being an environmentally conscious chain and a supporter of local farmers.

Launch Celebrations

Grandiose hosted the opening ceremony with a ribbon-cutting on the 31st of March 2022, and this will be followed by a four-day long family-friendly event that concludes on the 3rd of April. The festivities will include food sampling, face painting and other child-friendly activities. Moreover, over the course of the opening celebration, customers will also be able to redeem a 20% discount on their total purchases.

James Scott, CEO at Grandiose Supermarkets said, “Al Qana is an exciting new addition to Abu Dhabi and the perfect place for families to stroll along the boulevard, browse the aisles, and nibble on freshly made bites. Our latest location takes a lot of inspiration from the destination and hosts a plethora of community-minded experiences. We are particularly excited about our food hall, which not only offers a range of fresh and wholesome items but also gives customers the chance to take a seat and enjoy the waterfront view while they eat. The Grandiose food hall is a perfect rejuvenating area to take the family for some essential quality bonding time. We hope to continue developing and introducing fresh ideas into the market which uplift the shopping experience for customers.”

The Customer Experience at Grandiose

Grandiose Supermarket is located across the canal, opposite The National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi in Al Qana, and is formatted as a convenient and easily navigable U shape with their popular Grandiose Café facing the glittering canal.

This location differentiates itself from all other supermarket experiences by offering customers a waterfront food hall featuring live cooking stations and picturesque marina-side seating. The live cooking stations include fresh pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and shawarmas. Grandiose strives to offer visitors a calming and carefully curated shopping experience that emphasizes comfort in a customer's visit. The different categories on offer include a butchery, seafood, a cheese cave, a café, and a bakery along with a wide selection of non-F&B goods which includes household, electronics, and even pet essentials.


Among the industry's leaders in sustainability, Grandiose remains at the forefront. In addition to being the first retail chain to completely replace single-use plastic bags with free-of-cost paper bags, Grandiose works to continually add more initiatives to its extensive sustainability portfolio. Through initiatives such as these, consumers are encouraged to consume sustainably while promoting environmentally friendly habits. In addition to banning single-use plastic shopping bags, Grandiose has also invested in shopping trolleys made of recycled ocean plastic, as well as low energy fridges and freezers.

Grandiose Al-Qana is situated close to The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi – which is the largest aquarium in the Middle East and home to 46,000 animals spread across 10 zones – and shares a similar vision in terms of sustainability.