Activities for kids

By AQ Press Office
05 Nov 2019

Procreational areas are a great way for families to partake in activities together, but also a way for parents to unwind. The inclusion of Kids Play Zone in public areas, such as public parks, open landscaped areas and other similar areas, assure visitors that they are in a family focused destination. It could also be agreed; entertainment facilities play an important role for families as they allow the opportunity for parents to take time for themselves and refocus, whilst making sure that their kids are entertained and in a safe and secure environment.

At Al Qana, kids will get to enjoy a variety of activities and experiences, from watching movies at the kids-only cinema, learning about marine life and other water-creatures at the aquarium creating an exceptional learning experience as well as making new friends in the kids’ action zone. A gaming hub, virtual reality gaming complex as well as an indoor area for physical activities, will also be offered.

Moreover, the availability of the several entertainment zones for kids will encourage them to take part in more outdoor activities and enlighten them through different experiences.  Al Qana is set to be the go-to venue for water-shows, live performances, concerts among many other activities and events. This is the perfect meeting point for play dates, as well as school field trips for children. 

Al Qana is more than just an entertainment and dining experience; it brings families together by ensuring that each and every member has something designed specifically for them. Al Qana is a unique all-inclusive location, as it provides ways to bring the community together.