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Al Qana is the Modish Hub for New Culinary Concepts

By AQ Press Office
04 Apr 2022

UAE, Abu Dhabi; 4 April 2022: Al Qana, Abu Dhabi's premier 2.4-kilometre coastline of picturesque waterfront walkways, has announced the addition of over 14 new delectable restaurants. The new vibrant place is set to become the new hub for social dining, arts-and-culture, and entertainment destination in Abu Dhabi

Headlining these new additions is Rooftop Garden Lounge, at The Bridge Lifestyle Hub at Al Qana. The 100% organic concept provides scenic views which overlook Al Qana’s city lights and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The enchanting atmosphere is accompanied by Rooftop Garden Lounge’s selection of vibrant and appetizing dishes which can be shared and paired with an assortment of artisanal mocktails.

Another new and stylized concept is Tazal, a unique, brave, and sophisticated twist on global cuisine with Arabic touch that reasserts Arabic heritage through proud coffee origins, the warmth of homemade baking, and a fusion of fine dining food experiences. Tazal visitors can enjoy relaxing on the outdoor terrace with scenic views to the lively marina and lavish landscape. The restaurant is located in “Al Zaytoun District” facing The National Aquarium’s main entrance.

Other new hotspot include Mado, a traditional Turkish cuisine and dessert chain. Combining tradition and deliciousness, Mado provides a unique food experience. As a historic restaurant chain, with more than 300 years of heritage, Mado’s trademarked ice cream has become a global hit. The restaurant is located on the terraces of “Al Matal District” at Al Qana, with lovely sunset views.

Otoro, a modern Japanese concept located in “Al Zaytoun District” combines luxury and serenity in an urban environment. Otoro’s visitors can expect high-quality food that arrives fast and tastes right with every bite. The place has an urbanized mid-century interiors for exceptional dining experience with views over the ancient Olive Trees.

With Cartel Coffee Roasters, Notorious Café, La Ballena Café, and Taste Restaurant already delighting Al Qana’s visitors, these new concepts provide an ever increasing range of popular culinary concepts for food enthusiasts to indulge in.

Upcoming concepts that will open soon include Oii Restaurant, Joud Café, Terra Café, Space Café, Puffs Coffee Bar, Tjaarz Coffee Works, PAVO Restaurant, Steps Café, Blue Waves Café, and Cave Café. The realization of these outlets will further diversify Al Qana’s mix of culture and cuisine to create the ultimate dining destination for UAE citizens and residents.

Stuart Gissing, General Manager at Al Qana said, “We strive to position Al Qana as the heartbeat of Abu Dhabi by inspiring social entertainment and human connection. The inclusion of these new eateries introduces a variety of cuisine and cultural experiences that will ultimately help us in getting one step closer to achieving our overarching goal. The addition of each new outlets foster an important sense of community at Al Qana and all those who visit us.