The Gastronomy of tomorrow

By AQ Press Office
04 Dec 2019

The Gastronomy of tomorrow

All around the world, gastronomy has been developed based on local products and recipes handed down from generation to generation. Gastronomy can fuel tourism demand and trigger a virtuous circle of co-development.

This year, we observed continuous culinary trends from adventure-seeking consumers who want to discover and experience flavours in addition to consumers who are more conscious of environmental health and sustainability. Here is a sneak peek of the coolest trends that are expected to be featured in Al Qana’s picturesque waterfront destination.

• Mediterranean to Middle Eastern flavours

Mediterranean flavours have been introduced to various global cuisines. Middle Eastern ingredients such as hummus, lamb and yoghurt are prominently presented on menus, making them stand out from the typical mainstream Asian, Mexican or Italian cuisine. Over the next few years, flavours such as Zaatar, pomegranate, sumac, cardamom, turmeric and cardamom will continue to gain popularity in many restaurants around the world.

• Experiential Dining

A hot topic, which has been trending for several years, is the merger of chemistry and cooking. Chefs have become mixologists and molecular gastronomy began to appear on menus throughout the UAE. Chefs think beyond cooking chicken and beef as they look for presentation that is exotic and gives a chance for consumers to experience their food before they even taste it.

• Sustainable Seafood

Another key trend is towards sustainable seafood that promotes long-term vitality of harvested species and the well-being of the oceans. Farm-grown seafood is presented as an environmentally friendly way to combat overfishing. The restaurants at Al Qana will be encouraged to adopt sustainable sourcing methods that not only support robust populations of fish, but also support the local fishing economy, to protect the jobs of the UAE’s fishermen.

• Breakfasts and brunches

All-day breakfast and brunch (in the traditional context), is a globally enjoyed weekend pastime. Breakfast classics are being eaten for lunch and dinner too. There are few aromas and tastes that compete with the reviving and invigorating effects of delicious breakfast foods.

• Food Bowls

Food bowls are gaining popularity too. Bowls traditionally contain a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. These bowls contain numerous ingredients often-deconstructed containing fresh vegetables, rice and seasonings and are becoming increasingly craved as consumers focus on healthier eating options when dining out. These bowls can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

• Street Food

Food sold on the street has become increasingly popular over the last few years across the United Arab Emirates, along with the growing popularity of food trucks. Foods sold on the street are desirable additions to restaurant menus as destinations try to offer stylish twists on classic ideas that go beyond burgers and fries or soups and sandwiches.These trends will play an integral part of Al Qana’s gastronomical aim to provide our visitors a declinational experience. We look forward to welcoming you soon to enjoy all our restaurants and get a taste of our rich offerings and flavours.