Socializing with a sunset

By AQ Press Office
12 Feb 2020

Socializing with a sunset view

Close your eyes and imagine a cool crisp breeze moving passed your skin as you sit on a balcony serenaded by the soothing sounds of moving water. You look up into the sky and see a fusion of apricot and salmon pink scattered across the light blue sky. As the sun sets, you look down at the glowing marina reflecting the vibrant sky. Here you find yourself stunned by the views and intoxicated by the smell of fresh seafood gracing the table. In awe of your surroundings, you cannot hide the delight in your smile. Now open your eyes.

You have just had a glimpse into the Marina Views at Al Qana, a Riviera-style experience unlike any other. Housing a marina club, a plethora of seafood experiences, Al Qana has it all. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi a city full of remarkable sites enchanted by warmth and extravagance the Marina Views is a fitting addition to Al Qana. Modeling the lush ambiance of the UAE, Al Qana is set to be Abu Dhabi’s premier waterfront destination in 2020.

The Marina Views is the perfect place for yacht owners, water-sports enthusiasts, and families to eat, drink and recharge. Perfectly positioned within Al Qana, the 2.4km waterfront offers panoramic views of Abu Dhabi’s iconic skyline. Al Qana will also feature the Middle East’s largest aquarium, the largest stand-alone cinema in the capital, and a virtual reality zone an entertainment hub and outdoor activity areas, certain to please the whole family. If you love to dine and socialize while watching the sunset be sure to stop by Al Qana in the near future to enjoy Abu Dhabi’s favorite destination.