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WhatsOn features Al Qana’s anchors in its latest article

By AQ Press Office
30 Sep 2020

Abu Dhabi’s new dining and entertainment destination, Al Qana, was originally scheduled to open at the end of 2020. Located in the Khor Al Maqta region of the capital, the waterfront tourist destination will be home to a huge aquarium, cinema, VR zone, E-Sports arena, and now also a lifestyle wellness hub. The 8,000 square metre space, known as ‘The Bridge’, will have seven zones dedicated to different forms of health and wellness. Al Qana aims to re-establish Abu Dhabi’s community with activities such as running, cycling, group yoga, HIIT, pilates and more. The seven service tracks are called Move, Pause, Taste, Seek, Choose, Expand and Learn. Each one is designed to provide an ‘ethereal and customised individual journey’, spread across three levels of both indoor and outdoor space, including a rooftop garden lounge. You’ll also be able to discover a variety of dining facilities at The Bridge. Without giving much away, we’re told that you’ll be able to sample ‘some of the finest cuisine from all around the world’ from within the hub.

ETA: With the impact of the global pandemic, the original opening date of Q4 2020 now feels unlikely. We’re looking forward to strolling along the luxurious waterfront in 2021.

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