Outdoor Spaces

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, extending across 2.4 kilometers of waterfront, Al Qana is the ideal destination to leave behind the busy city and experience an atmosphere that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, excited, and alive. Connected by four traversing bridges, visitors can stroll along the boulevard, experiencing the absolute best in dining, entertainment, retail, wellness, and adventure.

With the most aesthetically pleasing architecture, Al Qana is designed to let us reconnect with the nature. Our objective is to make a social impact through nature and improve the standard and quality of living in Abu Dhabi.

Inspired by the biophilic concept, Al Qana has implemented innovative ways to interact with the community by bringing them together in open spaces while prioritizing visitors' wellbeing. As a result, the unique proposition of outdoor space, waterfront excitement, and landscaped environments are one of a kind in the region. You can experience the serene and blissful outdoor space, allowing you to adopt a new lifestyle and breathe in fresh air while enjoying the stunning view of the Great Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

For all our outdoor enthusiasts, we have created designated paths to get your fresh-air fix by walking, jogging and running. Relax your soul and replenish your depleted energy by practicing yoga, pilates, tai chi, walking meditation, outdoor workouts and other activities surrounded by the lush greenery and close contact with natural landscapes.

And if you are someone who loves to embrace nature, then bring a book and choose your spot. We aim to create an active environment for the community and create opportunities for people to be more active in their everyday lives.

What are you waiting for? Mother Nature awaits!