Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Al Qana
1What is Al Qana?
Al Qana is the ultimate waterfront destination bringing a new definition of social dining and entertainment to Abu Dhabi. Al Qana offers residents and visitors a unique collection of attractions in one place. From waterside eateries, the largest standalone cinema in Abu Dhabi, the Middle East's largest aquarium, first-of-its-kind lifestyle hub including wellness facilities, first to the UAE VR and E-sport hub, kids' zone, and landscaped community spaces aiming to encourage social interaction.
2Where is Al Qana located?
Al Qana is located in Rabdan Area (previously known as Bein Jesrain) on the historic natural Khor Al Maqta, the waterway bordering the mainland overlooking the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
3Is Al Qana public?
Al Qana is going to be open to the public, and it will welcome UAE residents and tourists.
4What do you offer at Al Qana?
Al Qana visitors will have the opportunity to explore the sea world at The National Aquarium, have a luxurious cinema experience, immerse in the state-of-the-art VR and E-sports games, and play at one of the most thrilling adrenaline zones.
5Will Al Qana offer any residential properties?
Al Qana will not feature any residential property as it has been conceived as a dedicated social dining and entertainment destination. Al Qana is about fun and families.
6Will Al Qana offer any commercial properties?
Al Qana plans to attract more than 150 must-see concepts across 11 blocks with a total GLA of approximately 60,000 square meters. The aim is to create a vibrant ecosystem for businesses, whether they are F&B operators, recreational outlets, or wellness hubs. We want to ensure there’s a complementary mix, catering to the many varied communities and visitors coming to what is set to become Abu Dhabi’s new cultural, dining, entertainment, and social scene.
7When is Al Qana set to open?
Al Qana is set to open to the public in 2021.
8How many restaurants will there be at Al Qana?
Al Qana will bring unique concepts with over 95 F&B outlets.
9What type of restaurants will Al Qana offer?
Al Qana will bring a unique blend of local and international cuisines catering to our visitors
10Will Al Qana have a cinema theatre?
Al Qana will be home to the largest standalone cinema in Abu Dhabi, featuring the largest "CityMAX" screen, luxurious VIP screens, and inspiring kids’ screens. The cinema at Al Qana caters to movie-lovers of all ages.
11Will Al Qana have an aquarium?
Al Qana will feature The National Aquarium, the Middle East's largest aquarium. The ten-zone, giant aquarium measuring over 9,000 sq. meters will be home to more than 46,000 international Marine and Terrestrial creatures, responsibly and ethically sourced. Through themed zones of learning, the journey will highlight the conservation required to protect the planet.
12Will Al Qana have a marina?
Yes, Al Qana will have a luxurious marina. It will be perfectly positioned within the destination to offer a spectacular view of Abu Dhabi's iconic skyline. Featuring mouthwatering seafood restaurants and cafes, lavish lounges, marine services with 105 boat berths, this area will be 'the place to be' for those wanting to dine, socialize, or sail off into the sunset.
13Will Al Qana have a gym?
Al Qana features The Bridge, an integrated lifestyle wellness hub designed to disrupt the health industry. With a total space area of over 8000 square meters, The Bridge features seven unique and seamless service tracks combined into an ethereal and customized individual journey spread across three floors, also with a roof garden lounge.
14What are the kid-friendly activities offered at Al Qana?
Designed as an energetic, fun-filled destination for the whole family, Al Qana lends itself to an abundance of immersive experiences. From on-ground water shows, live performances, and concerts, interactive gaming hubs to underwater aquarium adventures. There will also be a dedicated kids' zone, E-sports, VR world, and children's playground.
15How big is the Aquarium at Al Qana?
The National Aquarium will measure over 9000 sq. meters, making it the largest in the Middle East.
16What kind of entertainment will be available at Al Qana?
Al Qana will include state-of-the-art facilities. Waterside eateries, the largest standalone cinema in Abu Dhabi, the Middle East's largest aquarium, first-of-its-kind lifestyle hub including wellness and fitness facilities, first to the UAE VR world, kids' zone playground, and landscaped community spaces. We aim at encouraging social interaction, where the whole destination has over 50% of the leasable area dedicated to entertainment family fun.
17If I have any questions about leasing, who can I contact?
For any leasing inquiries, you can reach out to www.alqana.ae Phone number: 02-418 6666 Web: alqana.ae [email protected]
18Who owns Al Qana?
Al Qana is the first-ever Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model implemented by the Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) and jointly developed by Al Barakah International Investment.
19Is Al Qana available to everyone?
Yes, Al Qana will cater to all ages and open to the public this year 2021
20Are there going to be retail stores?
Al Qana is a social dining and entertainment destination with selective retail outlets such as a superior supermarket and specialty store that would serve the neighboring community.
21Will there be a supermarket/convenience store?
Al Qana will have a large-scale supermarket, specialty stores, and essential services, retail shops for the neighboring community.
22Do you need to book in advance to visit Al Qana?
No prior booking is required to visit Al Qana.
23What hotels are near Al Qana?
Al Qana is adjacent to neighboring five-star hotels such as the Shangri-La Hotel, Fairmont, and the Ritz-Carlton. It is a short walk from Traders, Novotel, and Ibis.
24What attractions are near Al Qana?
Al Qana is an iconic destination located prominently in the social fabric of Abu Dhabi, near the heart of the new city. It is close to touristic attractions such as Warner Bros World, Ferrari World and Louvre Abu Dhabi, with a spectacular direct eye-line view of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, also less than 5 minutes away.
25Are all the Al Qana attractions within walking distance of each other?
Al Qana is connected by four traversing bridges allowing visitors to stroll along the boulevard to experience the absolute best in dining, entertainment, retail, wellness, and adventure. The landscaped community spaces aim to encourage social interaction.
26Are there any age limits?
Al Qana will cater to all ages.
27Is there parking?
Al Qana will have over 3,000 surface and basement parking spaces.
28How far is the parking from Al Qana's destinations?
Parking at Al Qana will be made efficient for visitors with a mix of the basement and outdoor parking lots directly in-front and close to key destinations.
29Can I smoke in Al Qana?
Al Qana will have designated smoking areas.
30What is the best time of year to visit Al Qana?
Once the project is completed in 2021, Al Qana will be operational all year long.
31Are there taxi stops near Al Qana?
There will be multiple taxi and bus stops around Al Qana available to visitors.