Announcements for Al Qana Project

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What's On Al Qana Project
June 29, 2021

Al Qana and Grandiose to bring an exciting new gourmet dining and food hall concept to Abu Dhabi

February 21, 2021

New Riviera-Style Marina Coming to Al Qana

Abu Dhabi’s Social Entertainment Destination
January 12, 2021

Al Qana is Putting the Final Touches

Abu Dhabi’s Social Entertainment Destination
December 6, 2020

Rescued ‘Al Bahiyah’ Whale Shark Successfully Returned to Arabian Gulf

November 28, 2020

Nominate your favourite teacher to host a remote class from The National Aquarium

October 13, 2020

Al Qana to open the largest VR & esports HUB in abu dhabi

September 9, 2020

Al Qana is Transforming Abu Dhabi’s Lifestyle

July 23, 2020

Construction Progress Update

July 7, 2020

Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi joins forces with The National Aquarium