Al Qana
Space Café (Coming Soon)

Guests will enjoy their time over a variety of food and beverages in a unique friendly ambiance

Al Qana
Joud Café (Coming Soon)

Features the best in comfort foods and classic dishes with modern flare, inspired from all across the globe

Al Qana
Oii (Coming Soon)

Mediterranean fine dining concept which adds a signature contemporary twist to traditional recipes

Al Qana
Puffs Coffee Bar (Coming Soon)

The first of its kind coffee bar module in the Middle East

Al Qana
TJAARZ (Coming Soon)

A multi – concept space that offers various food & beverage options that will elevate customer experience

Al Qana
Simitci Dunyasi (Coming Soon)

Offers a traditional bakery products and breakfast menus to guests in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere

Al Qana
Arokazi Steak Inn (Coming Soon)

Contemporary space that offers specialized menu of steaks dishes

Al Qana
Lukumades (Coming Soon)

A bite-sized Greek dough balls traditionally served warm with honey and cinnamon

Al Qana
Pinky Fish (Coming Soon)

To all sea food lover, we got the perfect place to relish your taste buds

Al Qana
Grand Beirut (Coming Soon)

Authentic, handcrafted menu focuses on enhancing the flavor of traditional Lebanese

Otoro (Coming Soon)

Introduce a contemporary spin on Modern Japanese concept

Al Qana
Mado (Coming Soon)

The ultimate place for all your Turkish craving in a breathtaking ambiance