Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Al Qana is committed to ensure that its business is conducted according to the highest ethical and professional standards

This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct defines the standards for conduct in all business; legal and ethical matters carried out in the course of daily business and should be strictly adhered to. This code establishes a clear guideline of behavior for all of Al Qana’s employees in every business unit to ensure that employees are in no doubt as to how they should conduct themselves in order to uphold the good name and professional standard that Al Qana strives to maintain.

Al Qana is direct, clear and ethical in its communications and actions. We speak with honesty and courage and is accountable for what we do. The reputation of Al Qana is of fundamental importance and as such this code is designed to provide a framework within which everybody can operate with a view to avoid any dealings that could give rise to criticism that may be harmful to Al Qana’s or the employee’s reputation. It is the responsibility of each department head to implement, promote and monitor compliance with a code throughout their business unit. All employees of Al Qana are expected to review and abide by the letter and spirit of this code.

This code may be reviewed and changed by Al Qana from time to time, without notice, to suit its business needs.

• Compliance is Serious Business

Al Qana’s policy about ethical business conduct reflects the kind of company it strives to be, and a fundamental part of being an Al Qana employee is respecting and adhering to them. Policy violation can create a significant liability for the Company, Liabilities may not only result in monetary damages but may even threaten Al Qana’s public image and ability to do business

• Equal Opportunity

The Company’s employees are the key to the success of the business- the Company’s excellent level of service is a result of their expertise and solid understanding of the markets they operate in.

The company’s employees are its most valuable resource and as such all employees shall conduct themselves in a manner that will foster cooperation among staff members, showing respect, courtesy and professionalism in their dealings with one another and shall foster an atmosphere of open communication and honesty.

The Company’s values include ethical actions, honesty, respect for others and teamwork. The diversity of the Al Qana’s employees is a tremendous asset and Al Qana is firmly committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and shall not tolerate any discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin or any other protected class.

Any act of discrimination is viewed extremely seriously by Al Qana and will constitute a serious disciplinary offence up to and possibly including dismissal.

The following standards are expected to be maintained by all the employees, regardless of the position:-

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