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Al Qana is Transforming Abu Dhabi's Lifestyle

By AQ Press Office
01 Sep 2020

Al Qana, Abu Dhabi’s most exciting upcoming waterfront destination, is implementing innovative ways to interact with the community by bringing them together in open spaces while prioritizing the visitor’s wellbeing. Throughout the outdoor spaces in Al Qana and the activities available, the destination aims to shape memories and build a connection between people, nature, architecture and technology.

With destinations ever evolving over the past decade, people are now seeking places that offer adventure and rejuvenation especially open-air spaces with lavish landscape and water features. For this reason, Al Qana aims to transform Abu Dhabi into the most livable city in the world to meet the needs of new lifestyle trends.

The experiences in Al Qana are rooted and uniquely inspired by post-pandemic demand for a healthier lifestyle. Guests have the opportunity to run and cycle through our designated paths and enjoy the lush outdoor spaces. They can also participate in our indoor and outdoor classes with activities such as group yoga, Pilates and more testing high-intensity workout classes on the roster.

For those who want to commit to a fit and healthy lifestyle, The Bridge, an integrated lifestyle wellness hub, has a total space area of over 8000 square meters. This hub features seven unique and seamless service tracks (Move – Pause – Taste – Seek – Choose – Expand – Learn), combined into an ethereal and customized individual journey. These varied collections of features are elegantly integrated across three floors and a roof garden lounge.

Fouad Mashal, CEO of Al Barakah International Investment, and the leader behind Al Qana discusses how Al Qana will redefine the social dining and entertainment scene. “More than ever, Al Qana will be more relevant to the post-COVID 19 situation for people who seek safe outdoor spaces and healthier lifestyle choices.”

He added: “Our objective is to create a vibrant ecosystem for businesses, whether they are F&B providers, recreational outlets or wellness hubs. As a multi-purpose destination and experience-driven entertainment attraction, Al Qana will create a dynamic and engaging experience for both residents and tourists. With the Middle East’s largest aquarium, the largest stand-alone cinema in the capital, a virtual reality zone, E-sports arena and Kids Adrenaline Zone, Al Qana is the must-visit destination for family and friends.”

Visiting our destination hub will engage your social side, from Instagramming some of the finest cuisine from all around the world to taking a selfie while walking along the picturesque waterway canal and Bridges over the waterways.

The project has a clear plan and timeline in place despite the pandemic. By following guidelines from the relevant authorities, we have successfully maintained very high health and safety measures for our office and construction site workers. We plan to expand our strategy to ensure visitors are staying safe when they arrive to Al Qana.