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By AQ Press Office
31 May 2020
Al Qana's Recipe to a futuristic destination...

Destinations have been evolving over the past decade, people are now seeking places that offer adventure and rejuvenation but m

By AQ Press Office
12 Feb 2020
Socializing with a sunset...

Close your eyes and imagine a cool crisp breeze moving passed your skin as you sit on a balcony serenaded by the soothing sound

By AQ Press Office
09 Jan 2020
Fitness in Abu Dhabi...

In the UAE, interest in fitness and healthier lifestyle choices are on the rise.

By AQ Press Office
23 Dec 2019
Inside Al Qana's inspirational new concept wellnes...

We live in a country convinced that it is important to bring happiness to people and ensure their wellbeing is optimised – it’s

By AQ Press Office
04 Dec 2019
The Gastronomy of tomorrow...

All around the world, gastronomy has been developed based on local products and recipes handed down from generation to generati

By AQ Press Office
05 Nov 2019
Activities for kids...

Procreational areas are a great way for families to partake in activities together, but also a way for parents to unwind.

By AQ Press Office
16 Oct 2019
Abu Dhabi's Wellbeing...

You are not alone.