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By AQ Press Office
21 Dec 2021
THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub and Technogym Sign a Memoran...

The respective parties committed to a continuing partnership where they will explore innovative solutions to transform health a

By AQ Press Office
20 Dec 2021
Symbiotic Synergy of Innovation and Wellness: THE BRIDG...

THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub, a world-class landmark, fostering natural and holistic wellness to transform people’s lifestyles, h

By AQ Press Office
09 Jan 2020
Fitness in Abu Dhabi...

In the UAE, interest in fitness and healthier lifestyle choices are on the rise.

By AQ Press Office
23 Dec 2019
Inside Al Qana's inspirational new concept wellnes...

We live in a country convinced that it is important to bring happiness to people and ensure their wellbeing is optimised – it’s

By AQ Press Office
16 Oct 2019
Abu Dhabi's Wellbeing...

You are not alone.