Abu Dhabi's Wellbeing

By AQ Press Office
16 Oct 2019

You are not alone. While we are busy with our own lives, we tend to forget that we are surrounded by a thriving society whom we can engage and come together with. The power of belonging to a community has a huge influence on the wellbeing and can positively impact individuals to lead a better and happier society. That is why we are designing a community space to encourage social engagement for youngsters as well as older generations to drive interaction and engagement. Personal experiences play a vital role in shaping our perspective on different matters; Al Qana is creating opportunities to bring the Abu Dhabi community together. Here, we will uplift your experience of society.

Spend time in nature
Al Qana is all about encouraging fitness and wellness. You will get to enjoy the electric atmosphere and stunning views while jogging in the morning or by cycling at night with an astonishing view of Sheikh Zayed Mosque. You will adopt a new lifestyle to improve your health, all while taking advantage of the fresh air.

Active lifestyle
We understand how hard is it to drag yourself to the gym, so that is why we have designed a state-of-the-art health and fitness centre – a genuine hub of all your wellbeing needs. Starting your own exercise habits will uplift your energy, so if you are looking to transform and boost your mental and physical wellbeing, why not explore group classes or even personalize your training session. There are so many ways that Al Qana can help you become a rejuvenated and healthier version of yourself.