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Symbiotic Synergy of Innovation and Wellness: THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub Opens its Doors to Transform the Landscape of Wellbeing in Abu Dhabi

By AQ Press Office
20 Dec 2021

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 20 December 2021: THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub, a world-class landmark, fostering natural and holistic wellness to transform people’s lifestyles, has officially opened its doors to the Abu Dhabi community. The 8,000 sqm site is an integrated lifestyle hub, which strives to transform the way community members understand health and wellness in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub is the latest facility to open within Al Qana, Abu Dhabi’s iconic touristic and lifestyle destination in the Al Rabdan area.

In line with Abu Dhabi Government objectives, UAE Centennial 2071, and the National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031, the hub has embraced an integrated concept of wellness, arts and culture through active and social lifestyles, mindfulness and positive thinking.

Khalid Nahhas, Co-Founder of THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub, stated: “THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub will become a major asset for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as we strive to become the key contributor to enhancing health and wellness on a global scale. With the imperative support from Abu Dhabi’s leadership, the Government, and the expertise from the business community, we were able to create this first-of-its-kind concept in Abu Dhabi, which we intend to take worldwide.

By focusing on the needed shift in lifestyle, we tap into many natural sources of blissful living. THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub will help strengthen wellbeing and help communities become vibrant. We are more than just a gym, we believe in transforming people’s lives through a holistic approach to wellness, fundamentally changing the way ‘health’ is understood. This philosophy aims to help others in a nurturing and soul-enriching environment that is custom-made for each of our members.

Our objectives are to improve lifestyles as they continuously evolve, and inspire our members to discover fresh perspectives and adopt new fitness and health-oriented skills by offering a complete ecosystem. We are also empowering members towards an authentic and novel active way of life. Each member will naturally live, breathe and talk about their new way of life. Others will follow, positively building an ecosystem of like-minded individuals at THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub.”

He added: “For anyone seeking new ways to approach wellness and try something different, the hub is the ideal place, designed to expand horizons and transform lives. There is intention and purpose in everything we do as we make positive connections and build on our community. We lead with authenticity, always building on a larger experience with evidence-based science.”

“We want to form a crossing point, a pathway and a connection for members between who they are now and who they want to become, bridging into a community of loyal members who look forward to always coming back. We are on the journey with them and we speak to them as friends, not numbers in our system. We love what we do and that excitement, gratitude and energy is expressed in how we communicate with everyone who comes to our door.”

Aiming to build bridges to better health, the hub takes members on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, stimulating and educating the senses through seven distinct yet intrinsically linked offerings (tracks): MOVE, PAUSE, TASTE, CHOOSE, SEEK, EXPAND and LEARN. Each one combines offerings into a personal self-care journey to improve the mind, body and soul, reflecting a complete and long-term symbiosis.

The MOVE track is an action-oriented call that emboldens members to practice movement through many variations of physical activity, from solo endeavours to group exercises, allowing members to measure their own physical results and personal goals.

The PAUSE track is part of a recovery and restoration program, featuring indoor retreats that extend time-out spaces, the latest in yoga, meditation, deep breathing, hydroxy-therapy, muscle manipulation therapies & a full-fledged spa

The TASTE track enables members to experience the healthy delights of two culinary outlets and one beverage zone, all of which are at the cutting edge of nutritional science and culinary art. It encapsulates 100% organic pallets, the joy of flavoursome food with the benefits of consuming the right types of delectable dishes.

CHOOSE offers members and guests with highly curated and purposeful products. Providing them with a wide range of sustainable wearables, exercise accessories, organic products, house made supplements and other thoughtfully designed items.

SEEK encourages new experiences in the form of adventures, trips, and destinations. An active track that expands one’s horizons by connecting with nature and the world around us.

EXPAND inspires members to passionately embrace the moments they live, to entrench themselves in purposeful creative, artistic and social unique experiences that will yield an enriched and elevated cultured life. Members will be able to connect on deeper social levels with like-minded individuals and thrive in a community of eager and curious learners.

LEARN is a unique service track, focusing on educational spaces that allow members to develop a variety of lifestyle, fitness and health-oriented skills and practises stemming from deep research and evidence-based science. The aim is to build upon the health of the mind, engaging with people intellectually through different mediums, embracing curiosity and wonder, and engaging the brain as a vital muscle for cognitive wellbeing.

Five years in the making and led by a 200-strong team, the hub takes on a compassionate approach to energise members, resulting in an uplifting experience, sense of belonging and purpose, and a much greater synergy between positive motivation, health and wellness. Ultimately, THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub endeavours to guide the transformational evolution of its members.

Members of the hub can experience a warm hospitable experience, built upon the core principles of Middle Eastern hospitality, minimalism, warmth, and coziness, all of which aim to create a coherent and cohesive experiential journey, through humanizing Wellness. Staff and experts are professional, attentive and proactive to the needs of members without being invasive.

THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub has taken a great leap forward in its unique approach to health and wellness to benefit Abu Dhabi and UAE overall. It actively contributes to the growing international confidence in the country’s health sector and reflects its global achievements over the past decades, having ranked first internationally for Low Rate of Health Problems Index, and Health Care Coverage Index among several others, by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA).

THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub is situated in Al Qana, ‘the heartbeat of Abu Dhabi’, which is a unique waterfront destination that brings a new definition of social dining and entertainment to the Emirate. The development features seven anchor destinations and over 100 F&B concepts, spanning across 2.4km of scenic and picturesque waterfront walkways. The BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub has become the latest project to open its doors to the Abu Dhabi community.