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Inside Al Qana's inspirational new concept wellness hub

By AQ Press Office
23 Dec 2019

Inside Al Qana’s inspirational new concept wellness hub

We live in a country convinced that it is important to bring happiness to people and ensure their wellbeing is optimised – it’s a national priority in the state’s strategy. Thanks to our wise leadership, we placed a lot of emphasis on projects and initiatives that echo in real construct their vision and values and support the UAE's principles.

Nowadays, wellness centres are globally rising in popularity. They can be defined as holistic spaces that aim to raise awareness on your overall well-being. They are the essence of people’s inspiration to build their best selves. Working out and exercising can reduce stress, boost energy and sharpen your intellects.

Designing a space to invite everyone to workout freely, while expanding the notion of wellness into a much more expanded Lifestyle proposition is what inspired us the most. From exercising to nutritious culinary arts, and from distressing immersed in culture to peacefully working within colourful co-working space, our first of its kind lifestyle hub, created by our partner The Bridge Lifestyle Hub will be introduced in the region.

The concept of “The Bridge Lifestyle Hub,” located within Al Qana’s huge entertainment master plan offering, is inspired by two ideas. One space that bridges all aspects of one’s life, work, play, personal and physical development. The second idea is the combination of science and art to deliver a superior and intuitive experience grounded in technology and delivery of real results. Thus, The Bridge will bring an innovative lifestyle journey to Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

In order to deliver an integrated lifestyle hub, The Bridge has carefully designed a disruptive space for authentic fitness, culture and wellness. We are thrilled to bring the seven unique tracks of “The Bridge;” each track has been dedicated to a specific purpose, these tracks are Move – Pause – Taste – Seek – Choose – Expand – Learn, which are spread across 4 floors.

- Move:

This entails the use of the latest gym equipment that are technology enabled to customise user experience as well as power genera on, both of which are part of a broader gamified experience. This unquestionably includes personal training and group exercise classes provided by the most qualified trainers and instructors.

- Pause:

A program of stress reduction therapies that include meditation, yoga, deep breathing as well as an expanded spa that offers recovery spaces, energy lounges and the latest in muscle and skeletal relaxation therapies.

- Taste:

A combination of 3 food and beverage outlets that are at the cutting edge of culinary art and nutritional science. A restaurant that offers artisanal meals geared towards health and wellness goals, a cold press juice bar that both supports the same objective but also creates the new non-alcoholic “social“ bar experience. The rooftop restaurant lounge delivers a unique, exciting and healthful tasting experience within a garden space that allows for further social events, recovery and rejuvenation. All the food and beverages will also be offered for takeout and delivery, allowing visitors to bridge experiences into their homes and offices.

- Seek:

Here we provide a borderless extension of the Bridge experience to adventurous and developmental destinations through an adventure travel desk, where experiences are created to promote wellness through the power of nature, and in parallel expand the soul and mind.

- Choose:

A concept store that offers the latest in nutritional supplements, next generation natural personal care products, fitness fashion and accessories that subscribe to a unique lifestyle philosophy, Bridge-branded to help our members achieve their goals and desires. Advanced Nutritionists will support these selections, while exercise experts will ensure our members are receiving the best and latest scientific protocols in their selection.

- Expand:

The entire Bridge will serve as a soul enriching cultural space weaving art, music, film and other captivating events. Socialising and workspaces will provide our members a space of their own, or a place to gather and interact with others.

- Learn:

Our educational program that will empower our members with the scientific knowledge that qualifies and integrates all offered 7 tracks into a necessary bridged and engaging lifestyle towards a better quality of life.

The Bridge is a disruptive Lifestyle space for authentic fitness, culture and wellness.